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Agriculture: Study to be part of the industry that feeds the world. A qualification in agriculture focuses on science, sustainability and the skills to meet the globally increasing demand for safe food. Obtaining an Agricultural qualification is your opportunity to use science, technology and business to tackle critical sustainability issues and build a career with lasting impact. If you wish to understand how to harness natural processes to sustainably feed our growing population and contribute to Australia’s growing agricultural industry, a course in Agriculture is an ideal choice. Graduates with a qualification in agriculture are highly sought after globally Horticulture: Includes everything from plant care to landscape management. Practical Horticulture courses cover planting, propagating, irrigating, pruning, processing, and fertilising. The horticulture industry is experiencing strong growth, with more than 50,000 job openings expected in nurseries and gardens across Australia over the next five years. Horticulture courses offer many specialisations including landscaping, production nursery, turf management, parks and gardens, and conservation and land management.