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Study Gurus is a certified and registered Australian education and migration agency. We are fully committed to providing you with a personal and tailored experience that will put you on the best pathway to studying in Australia. Our expert education agents have many years of extensive experience assisting students from all over the world. Our team of education agents is supported by our registered migration agents who specialise in the student visa process. Wherever you are from, our team will provide you with the correct Australian education and migration advice.

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Our team of expert Education and Migration Agents will guide you through the entire process of enrolling in your dream course, applying for your student visa and working with you to achieve your post-graduation plans. With years of experience this will be the smoothest and most stress-free journey to pursue your dream of living in Australia. We offer:

  • Personalised Service
  • Proven Success Rate
  • Australia wide course offering
  • Local Knowledge and Experience
  • Registered Education and Migration Experts

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Words cannot describe how happy and grateful I'm feeling right now. My sincerely heartfelt gratitude goes out to the team at Study Gurus for renewing my student visa. You've done an excellent job in making sure the process was simpler and stress free.
I highly recommend anyone who is seeking information to apply or renew a visa or anything in relation to immigration purposes. The Study Gurus should be your preferred choice! :)
They're extremely very professional and their customer service is no doubt very efficient and they'll help you make your life easier and stress free.

Pagave Puana, Commercial Cookery Course

The team was knowledgeable about the immigration process and provided me with expert guidance.They are very helpful in answering all my questions.
And also, there were no hidden costs or surprises along the way, and they ensured that my application was submitted correctly. I highly recommend Study Guru to anyone who needs any immigration services. Thank you, Study Gurus, for your excellent service!

Lyngel Pastor, Early Childhood Education

I found out about the agency through a friend who referred me. The service is excellent, Study Gurus has helped me with the visa process and especially with organizing the huge amount of documents needed.

Danilo Fernandes, Commercial Cookery Course

I can only say good things about Study Gurus, super professional, their help was overall very important, especially in choosing the best school and course for me, exactly what I was looking for. Always there to support and very helpful, lovely experience.

Rita Fernandes, Music Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a student visa?

Our registered migration agents will work with you to prepare and lodge your student visa (500)on your behalf. Our team of education agents will finalise your enrolment and as soon as you are enrolled a migration agent will work with you to prepare and lodge your student visa application and will assist you to arrange eligible health insurance.

It usually will take a couple of weeks for you to gather the required supporting documents and once your application is submitted the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) it can take take up to 4 months for the DHA to process your application. It is important to begin the process as early as possible and well before your course commences. You will be able to travel to Australia as soon as your student visa (500) is granted.

Will I be able to work with a student (500 Visa)?

Yes. Most students are permitted to engage in part-time work of up to 48 hours per fortnight while their course is in session and this increases to unlimited hours during semester breaks or once the course has finished. If you enroll in a master by research or a PhD program there is no limit on the number of hours. Students cannot start work before their course has started. If you include your dependent family members they are also generally restricted to working 48 hours per fortnight, even when your course is out of session. If you study a masters degree by research or coursework, or a doctorate degree then your family member can also work an unlimited number of hours.

What is the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485)?

A temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) allows some students to continue to live, study or work in Australia after they have finished there Australian studies. The 485 Graduate Visa is divided into two streams:

Graduate Work Stream: This option is available to you if you have recently graduated from a course that will provide you with a qualification that is related to an occupation where there is a skill shortage in Australia. Such occupations are on a Skilled Occupations list that is published by the Department of Home Affairs. An eligible qualification could include a vocational certificate or diploma if it relates to an eligible skilled occupation.
Post-Study Work Stream: If you have recently graduated with a degree such as a bachelor, postgraduate diploma or master’s degree from an Australian institution. Your degree can be in any area and does not need to relate to a skilled occupation.
Each of these different streams will provide you with a visa for different durations depending on your circumstances.

What are the usual conditions of a 485 graduate visa?

Once you are granted your graduate visa you will benefit from the following:

You will be permitted to work full time in Australia for the duration of the visa.
You can work as much as you want and for whoever you want.
You can include your spouse and children so that they can be with you
Multiple Entry – you will be able to travel to and from Australia as often as you wish during the visas period.
You can also choose to study and travel
Your visa will be subject to the following conditions:

A graduate 485 visa is a temporary visa.
You will need to apply for a different type of visa is you want to stay in Australia once your graduate 485 visa expires.
You are only able to apply for 1 graduate visa in your lifetime.
You will need to maintain eligible Australian health insurance throughout the duration of your 485 Graduate Visa.

Can I bring my family while I study in Australia?

Yes. You will be able to include your spouse (married/defacto) as well as your children if you wish to travel together to Australia. You will need to provide supporting evidence to show that you are in a genuine relationship and you will need to meet the secondary applicant visa requirements such as showing that you have the financial capacity for you and your family to live in Australia while you study.

If your family is planning to join you later, it is possible to also add them to your visa after your visa has already been granted.