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The Benefits of Studying in Regional Australia

If you would rather fresh air and open spaces over traffic jams and cramped living, then choosing to study in regional Australia is the option for you. Australia has many excellent schools and universities in regional and secondary cities. In addition to providing a relaxed quality of life, international students that study in Regional Australia will benefit from various migration opportunities that include an extended graduate visa and an extra 5 points on their Immigration PointsTests. The definition of Regional Area has recently been reclassified to include everywhere in Australia outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This includes many bustling cities such as the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Cairns, Hobart, Perth and Cairns

Benefits of Regional Study 

  • 5 Additional Points towards skilled independent visa
  • Priority processing for State Sponsorship
  • Option to extend Graduate Visa (485) by further 2 years, 4 years total
  • Lower cost of living 
  • Access to the Regional Occupations List – more job options compared to major cities.
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