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Australian Student Cities

Australia is an incredible place to live in.  Famously known as the lucky country, Australia’s Student Cities offer all its inhabitants with a word leading quality of life and a diverse range of lifestyles. From snowy mountains to tropical beaches and from throbbing global cities to outback outposts Australia offers a diverse range of places to live and an even greater array of lifestyle choices.  Today Australia is a broadly multicultural society comprised of communities with backgrounds from across the globe.

With a population of more of nearly 25 Million, nearly 30% of Australians were born outside of Australia.  This does not include temporary residents and international students.  Migrants have made and will continue to make a significant contribution to the Australian way of life. The influence of migrant communities can be experienced through many facets of modern Australian culture, in particular Australia’s thriving food scene, coffee culture, fashion, art and music.

Australia’s student cities stand out as a robust and resilient economy that has experienced consistently strong growth over many decades.  Australia is politically stable and considered to be very safe. Deciding to move to Australia is the easy part, selecting the Australian city that is perfect for you will leave you spoilt for choice.


Harbour City


City by the Bay


River City

Gold Coast

Surf City


City of Light


Reef City


2o Minute City

Sunshine Coast

Sunny Coast




The Garden City

Byron Bay

The Bay


The Ville