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The International Student Visa work limit of 40 hours per fortnight will be removed for Tourism & Hospitality jobs.


The Australian government will allow international students to work full time in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors while they study.

The work limit of 40 hours per fortnight that is a visa condition for international students with a Student Visa (500) will be removed for any student that works in the Tourism and Hospitality sectors.

The federal government’s announcement over the weekend is part of a policy to support industries that are critical to Australia’s economic recovery and is an attempt to reduce the significant staff shortages that many hospitality and tourism business are currently facing.

These changes will provide the tourism and hospitality sectors with the opportunity to offer additional employment to an estimated 300,000 international students that are currently in Australia.

Updated Critical Sector List

Hospitality and Tourism are now included as part of a shortlist of Critical Sectors that can employ international student on a full-time basis. The Critical Sector list now includes:

  • Health: If the employment is directed by a health official to assist in the effort against COVID‑19
  • Aged Care:  If employed by an approved provider.
  • Disability Care: If employed by a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme provider.
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism and Hospitality (New)

Implementation of announced changes

Any international students that hold a Student Visa (500) will soon be able to work in a Tourism or Hospitality job for as many hours as they wish at any time during their course.  Each student will be permitted to work in a tourism or hospitality job on a full-time basis regardless of whether their course is in session, on a term break or has been completed.

This latest policy change is expected to be formalised and implemented as part of tonight’s 2021 Federal Budget Announcement. After the budget speech is delivered, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will need to update the relevant migration regulations.

International students currently working in Tourism or Hospitality jobs should wait until the migration regulations are updated before agreeing to work full time.

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