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Lifestyle in Australia

The lifestyle in Australia offers a relaxed atmosphere with a range of outdoor activities, cultural events, and a high standard of living.


The average full time worker in Australia earns $AUD 6 671.00 per month (€ EUR 4 700.00).  Australia hosts a very high minimum wage.  If you are working as a casual employee, it is mandatory your employer pays you at least the minimum casual rate of $AUD 21.47 (€EUR 15.00) per hour.

Wages are usually paid weekly or fortnightly.  Employers are required to pay tax and superannuation (social security) on behalf of the employee.  During weekends and holidays wages are usually higher than on working days.


If soaking up the sunshine and feeling the sand between your toes makes you happy, then Australia is the place for you.  Australia has over 10, 000 beaches. You will need to visit a new beach every day for the next 27 years to see them all.

The more than 47,000 km of coastline offers Australia’s stunning scenery and for most Australian´s a place to live, visit, fish and spend much of their leisure time.

Australia’s Whitehaven Beach was voted by TripAdvisor as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


The Australian population has an excellent health record, with life expectancy set at over 83 years of age, equal 2nd highest in the world.

Before moving to Australia you may need to undergo a health check. This is one of the ways that Australia tries to maintain health standards nationwide.  If you obtain a permanent visa to stay in Australia you will likely be eligible to enrol in Medicare, which provides universal access to free public hospital care and subsidised treatment by most medical practitioners.

Most temporary visa holders, particularly students, are not eligible to enrol in Medicare and will be required to take out private health insurance as a requirement to obtaining a student visa before travelling to Australia.  You must ensure that your health insurance will be valid for the duration of your time in Australia. Cover for 12 months costs around AU$370.  Study Gurus will be able to help you organize the required health insurance as part of your visa application.


Australia is renowned for its great outdoors, nature and wildlife experiences. From the spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef (one of the seven natural wonders of the world), to the Tasmanian wilderness, to the diverse bird life of Kakadu, Australia is a treasure trove of magical landscapes and unique wildlife. And it’s a safe and relaxed country to travel around and discover for yourself.

Australia has more reptiles than any other country on earth, more species of mammals than 93% of countries, more birds than 79% of countries and more amphibians than 95% of countries.


When you first arrive in Australia you will probably choose to rent a property. This process is reasonably straightforward.  The cost of accommodation in Australia – relative to one’s salary and other living expenses – is usually very reasonable. Shared housing is also a popular option and there are numerous websites that are exclusively devoted to providing listings for room rentals in shared houses.

The standard of accommodation in Australia varies from area to area, but is generally very high. It is not at all uncommon for houses in Australia to boast family-friendly features, such as garages, large gardens, and swimming pools.

For students most schools and universities provide students with on and off campus housing solutions that are specifically available and suited to international students.

Quality of Life

Globally Australia is one of the top performers on the international well-being scale. Australians enjoy good housing conditions and high air and water quality. Life satisfaction in Australia is above the OECD average. Australia is ranked one of the safest country in the world on the Global Peace Index and is considered to be one of the safest places in the world to live and travel.

Ranked as the 7th most prosperous country in the world by the Legatum Prosperity index, Australia is a developed and continually prospering nation with high standards of education, health, personal well being, and quality of life.

With more than 28% of Australians born overseas, Australia fosters a diverse and vibrant multicultural society and is considered to be the second “friendliest” country in the world. More than 77% of people who have moved to Australia to work and live say they have integrated well and that it was easy to settle and make friends.