High (Secondary) School Education in Australia

Australia offers a wide-ranging number of opportunities to undertake a student exchange or study abroad experience at an Australian High School.

Why study at an Australian High School?

  • Internationally recognised qualifications

  • Study Opportunities throughout Australia

  • Great way to prepare for entry into an Australian University

  • Improve your English and experience the Australian lifestyle with local Australian students

  • Work part-time while studying

High (Secondary) School in Australia Explained

Each Australian state school system as well as many private high schools throughout the country offer study abroad opportunities to international students.

Preparation for University
Globally Recognised High School Diploma
International Baccalaureate (IB)


  • Choose your High School
  • Study Gurus will arrange an enrolment
  • Receive a letter of offer
  • Pay enrolment fees for your course
  • Receive Certificate of Enrolment (COE)
  • Study Gurus will apply for your Student Visa
  • Choose your subjects
  • Pack your bags for Australia
  • Study Gurus will help you arrange a homestay is you require one
  • Start the adventure of a lifetime


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