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Graduate Visa (485)


Once you have completed your Australian Studies you may be able to apply for a Graduate (485) visa that will let you work and gain professional experience in Australia

Your Graduate 485 questions answered:

What is the Temporary graduate visa (subclass 485)?

A temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) will allow you to continue to live, study or work in Australia after you have finished your Australian studies.   The 485 Graduate Visa is divided into two streams:

  • Graduate Work Stream: This option is available to you if you have recently graduated from a course that will provide you with a qualification that is related to an occupation where there is a skill shortage in Australia. Such occupations are on a Skilled Occupations list that is published by the Department of Home Affairs. An eligible qualification could include a vocational certificate or diploma if it relates to an eligible skilled occupation.
  • Post-Study Work Stream: If you have recently graduated with a degree such as a bachelor, postgraduate diploma or master’s degree from an Australian institution.  Your degree can be in any area and does not need to relate to a skilled occupation.

Each of these different streams will provide you with a visa for different durations depending on your circumstances.

What are the usual conditions of a 485 graduate visa?

Once you are granted your graduate visa you will benefit from the following:

  • You will be permitted to work full time in Australia for the duration of the visa.
  • You can work as much as you want and for whoever you want.
  • You can include your spouse and children so that they can be with you
  • Multiple Entry – you will be able to travel to and from Australia as often as you wish during the visas period.
  • You can also choose to study and travel

Your visa will be subject to the following conditions:

  • A graduate 485 visa is a temporary visa.
  • You will need to apply for a different type of visa is you want to stay in Australia once your graduate 485 visa expires.
  • You are only able to apply for 1 graduate visa in your lifetime.
  • You will need to maintain eligible Australian health insurance throughout the duration of your 485 Graduate Visa.

How long will I be able to live in Australia with my 485 Graduate Visa?

The length of your stay will depend on the stream that you are eligible to apply for and on your passport country:

  • Graduate Work Stream: You will be able to work and stay in Australia up to 18 months
  • Post-Study Work Stream: You will be able to work and stay in Australia for between 2 and 4 years depending upon the level of your Australian qualification and on the location that you completed your course.
  • Hongkong Passport Holders:  That complete a bachelor, masters or doctoral degree will be able to work in Australia for 5 years.

What do I need to do to be eligible for a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485)?

To meet the eligibility requirement for the 485 graduate visa you will need to:

  • meet the Australian study requirement
  • be under 50 years of age
  • hold an eligible visa
  • meet additional requirements of the relevant stream
  • meet the English language proficiency requirements
  • Hold relevant Australian health insurance
  • Hold a skills assessment if you are applying for the graduate workstream
  • Meet the Australian health conditions.

How do apply for a 485 Graduate visa and how long will it take?

Our registered migration agents will work with you to prepare and lodge your 485-graduate visa on your behalf.  We will also assist you to arrange eligible health insurance and to apply for your Australian Federal Police Check.

It usually will take a few weeks for you to gather the required supporting documents and once your application is submitted the Department of Home Affairs will take up to 4 months to process your application.  It is important to begin the process as early as possible and well before your student visa expires.  You must lodge your 485 graduate visa application within 6 months after your course ends.  

Is there a benefit to studying in a Regional Area in Australia?

Yes, starting in 2021, you can get your Graduate 485 visa extended by up to a further 2 years if you study in any location outside Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

This extension is will be offered on the current two year Post-study work stream of the Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa, which applies to Bachelor and Masters by coursework graduates.

Eligibility will include international students who studied at a regional campus of a metropolitan university. The length that your graduate visa will be extended will depend on the regional area that you choose in Australia.

Graduate (485) Visa Experts

Our team of experienced Registered Migration Agents will provide you with clear and concise advice and will assist you every step of the way towards obtaining your Graduate (485) visa. It is important that you contact us early to make sure that you will be eligible as soon as your course finishes and will support and assist you with your plans for a long term sponsorship or skilled visa before your graduate (485) visa expires.

Graduate (485) Visa Snapshot

The main benefits of getting a 485 Graduate Visa 
Full Time Work Rights

You will have unlimited fulltime work rights for the entire duration of the visa

Multiple Entry

You can travel as much as you want including leaving and entering Australia without limitation.

Gain Professional Experience

If you gain professional experience in an occupation on the Skilled list this may count towards a future skilled visa application 

Apply your Skills

The Graduate (485) visa will allow you to complete an internship or graduate employment program in Australia so that you can best apply the skills that you have learnt during your formal education.